The Indian Express: Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast outfits were hand embroidered in Bhuj

From The Indian Express:

Watson’s costumes were quite a rage, and the designs piqued a lot of interest. What’s fascinating is that her attires have an Indian connection too. Surprised? Well, so are we! While the 26-year-old actress earned accolades for donning the hand-crafted bodice, Sinéad O’Sullivan, the assistant costume designer of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ revealed that it was designed using ‘Aari work’ technique, a sequined embroidery chain stitch rooted in the Kutch area of Gujarat.

Two Gujarati artisan brothers from Bhuj, Kasam and Juma, crafted the ensembles and bequeathed it with an Indian touch. Sullivan took to Instagram to share their contribution as part of her ‘Who made my clothes’ initiative. Posting a picture of the two, she wrote: “Belle’s bodice from Beauty and the Beast was beautifully hand embroidered by artisan brothers Kasam and Juma in Bhuj, Northern India. They used a technique called “Aari work” which is a very fine chain stitch traditional to the Kutch area of Gujarat. This style lent itself very nicely to this eighteenth century French floral design.”

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(Photo credit: Disney)

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