MacRumors: Rare Functioning Apple-I Computer Headed to Auction in May

MacRumors is reporting that German auctioneer Breker will be auctioning off what is believed to be one of only eight remaining “functioning Apple-1 computers, complete with the original manual and documentation, the receipt for the motherboard and cassette recorder, and even a record of telephone conversations with Steve Jobs and Wozniak.”

The Apple-I was designed and built by Apple co-founder Steve Ozniak in 1976. There is thought to be only 175 sold, and out of that number only 50 to 60 or so remain in existence, including just eight functioning ones.

With such rarity and representing enormous historical value, these original Apple computers have been fetching six figures at auction. Breker is not unfamiliar with handling vintage Apples, as it auctioned another Apple-I in comparable working condition for $671,400 in May 2013. Bonham’s also sold a functioning Apple-I for a record $905,00 in New York in October 2014.

There is a likelihood that in May the Apple-I could break the $1 million mark.

Read the entire MacRumors article here.

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